Hi! I’m Valerie Aparovich,
a certified cosmetologist and aesthetician, clean beauty advocate, and practicing biochemist in the field of skincare, aka Science Team Lead at OnSkin.

Beauty and health are deeply intertwined, and cosmetology has both art and science at its core. My mission is to help my clients maintain a healthy skin condition and emphasize their natural beauty using a complex approach.

Besides providing supportive and attractiveness-enhancing professional cosmetic procedures, I strive to educate people, help them build a safe and beneficial skincare routine, and navigate them through a saturated cosmetic market with science-backed advice.

I’m strongly convinced that clean beauty is the only way to healthy skin, and an essential cornerstone of general physical well-being and longevity.



I'm a certified cosmetologist-aesthetician with medical background and over seven years of practice.

With deep knowledge of the biology behind the skin and the chemical processes of cosmetics, I help people take proper care of their skin and empower their beauty arsenal with efficient and toxic-free products.

I provide the following facial treatments:

mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning, lymphatic drainage and lifting massage,

peeling, bio revitalization, RF-lifting,

carboxytherapy, fractional mesotherapy, and microcurrent therapy.


I'm a Bachelor of Science in Applied Biochemistry.

I have a strong theoretical basis and practical experience in biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, biophysics, organic and non-organic chemistry, microbiology, cytology, immunology, and genetics.

I'm firmly convinced that a qualified cosmetology professional comes from a deep understanding of internal anatomic and biochemical processes on a molecular level.

As the industry is dynamically renewing and growing, I advocate for continuous learning and staying on top of the newest scientific and clinical findings.


I’m honored to have the opportunity to share my expertise and promote clean beauty values as a Science Team Lead at OnSkin.

The OnSkin app was created to enable a trusted safety evaluation of cosmetic products and decode the ingredients and their impact on people’s skin and overall health.

Based on the latest scientific research and clinical studies, our team evaluates cosmetic compositions from the safety perspective and reviews cosmetic products' suitability for individual skin and hair needs and concerns.

As Seen In

Clean Beauty

Clean beauty is toxic-free beauty. It means cosmetic products should contain only clean, safe ingredients with no health alerts or risks. It includes makeup, face, hair, and body care products, fragrances, and more without harmful chemicals in their formulas.

Clinical research shows that multiple cosmetic components can cause alarming skin problems and allergy reactions and damage health – interfere with the body’s hormones, affect reproductive function, or increase the risk of inducing cancer. Numerous components appear unsafe in high concentrations or incompatible with specific medical conditions.

It’s crucial to decode product composition for healthy skin, general physical well-being, and longevity. That’s why clean beauty calls brands for ingredient transparency. Clean beauty labels do not sound like an ancient spell available to a few; they clearly list all the components in order of their amount in the product formula and do not greenwash or contain non-specific umbrella terms.

Clean beauty products should not be mistaken for 100% natural products or vice versa. Man-made synthetic ingredients can also be included if they are harmless and toxic-free. Clean beauty focuses not on organic products but on pure skincare free of toxins.


The OnSkin app is a science-backed cosmetic scanner that enables safety evaluation of all forms of cosmetics, decodes ingredient formulations, and analyzes if the products align with users' skin needs and concerns.

OnSkin was created to help people realize the connection between what they apply to their skin and their health. The app warns against the mindless consumption of products that are useless at best and harmful at worst and ensures the choice of efficient and toxic-free options.

OnSkin’s SafetyScore is a unique in-house-created combination of human-curated analysis and the power of AI. Based on the latest studies, the science team manually evaluates cosmetic ingredients, scoring each of them according to four criteria: endocrine disruption risk / reproductive toxicity; carcinogenicity; allergy risk; high concentration alert. AI algorithms integrate the scores into a special formula that precisely calculates each product’s safety level.

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